Choosing the best wedding reception venue

Choosing the best wedding reception venue

There is so much more to choosing a wedding venue in Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg region than its location and menu.

By John Wilson - Award winning Hervey Bay wedding photographer

I’ve been photographing weddings for more than 20 years in Australia and internationally. I’ve seen a lot of reception venues both formal and informal. I’ve experienced all the joy and fun when a reception venue really hits the mark and the dance floor is pumping well into the night. I’ve also seen venues that don’t work well and this can be a real wedding reception dampener, and an early night.

I feel couples need to give good consideration to the comfort of their guests. Can they move from their seats easily, are the rest rooms easily accessible, can the dance floor take your crowd comfortably? All these need to be addressed because the best food on the planet won’t mean a thing if the wedding reception experience is lacking.

You probably need to think about the make up of your guests. Are they dancers and groovers or will it be a little more reserved. With a good bunch of dancers and fun loving people you are going to need a good dance floor. I was at a wedding recently and the dance floor was barely larger than a large kitchen floor and some tables were right on the dance floor edge. Okay if you are up dancing but not very enjoyable for guests that would like to be seated. If you have some older guests at your reception you need to consider their needs also. Another wedding I was at recently had the music system speakers beside a table of older guests who in the end had to ask to have the music turned down. You also need to consider access to and from you tables not only for older guests but any children that may be present. Some receptions I’ve been to have a table dedicated for the kids with drawing pads and toys. Great idea!

crowded wedding reception 01

Wedding reception fail - this may be fun briefly but a cramped reception venue quickly loses its charm

If you are having a moderate to larger wedding reception I’d stay away from venues that want to cram people in. It may be good for the owners pocket but it definitely won’t be good for you and your guests. There is nothing worse than seeing a venue boosting to seat 80-100 people when in reality it should be seating half that number.

Some good venues to consider are Oceans Resort at Hervey Bay and the Bundaberg Rowers club.

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 Wedding photographer Hervey Bay Biggenden22

 Plenty of room for fun as the night gets into top gear

Wedding photographer Hervey Bay Biggenden36

A good size wedding venue will allow all ages to enjoy some dance and fun

wedding reception dance floor 01

Oceans Resort Hervey Bay has a great set up for a reception venue

wedding reception dance floor 08

 Plenty of room around tables plus a large dance floor makes Oceans Resort at Hervey Bay a good wedding reception choice.

Wedding photographer Hervey Bay Biggenden24

 A good size venue and dance floor will allow you to enjoy all the formalities of your night and not leave any out.

wedding reception dance floor 05

Plenty of room on this dance floor in Bundaberg for the Bride to dance with her bridesmaids.

wedding reception dance floor 07

This venue was borderline for dance floor space. It too became very cramped when everyone jumped up for some dancing

wedding reception dance floor 02

Great venue at Bundaberg Rowers Club - One of the best dance floors I've seen!