Yowie Sighting Wongi State Forest QLD 2020

Yowie Sighting Wongi State Forest QLD 2020

Yowies sighting in Doongul district Wongi State Forest area November 2020.

On a lonely dirt road in QLD Australia, Joseph is forced to stop his car for a minor repair and eventually flees the area in fright after experiencing a mysterious glowing orb of light and not long after, two Yowies.

This witness report is particularly interesting for several reasons. It is one of the most recent encounters from a very active Wide Bay Burnett region and the report mentions the sighting of a glowing orb of light. In the USA, glowing orbs have been associated with some Sasquatch sightings. The link between the orbs and Sasquatch/Yowies is yet to be established but theories abound on the web. In some circumstances, glowing orbs have been seen without a Bigfoot sighting.

The complete sighting report has been posted on the Yowie Sightings website blog where you can find other encounters as explained by witness reports and interviews. Read the report here: Wongi Forest Yowies

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