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Why Yowie Sightings?

After personally experiencing several Yowie encounters and since conducting my own Australian Yowie research over many years the Yowie sightings website has been created by several investigators to help bring together as much information as possible about these elusive creatures in a professional way. Through my own work as a photojournalist compiling witness reports and investigating sighting locations from around Australia, I have become an unintended expert in the field of Yowie research and knowledge!! It is hoped that from my knowledge and the valuable contributions from eye-witness reports and other contributors that these elusive creatures' existence will eventually be formally acknowledged.

Yowie Stories

People with sighting experiences or encounters can get in touch with me via the form below and on the dedicated website. I'd be interested in hearing Yowie stories however brief or detailed. There are no pretenses, ridicule, or interrogation with this process and I'm purely interested in hearing about encounters and I hope that through this process of sharing the experiences of Yowie sightings we all become more informed about the creatures and also how to deal with them if they are encountered. Too often over the years, people that have had sightings have been ridiculed and I believe its simply because these creatures' existence are so far beyond our comfort zone off acceptance. From my own experience, some of the people I have discussed these creatures with would have some belief in aliens rather than a Yowie. I don't discredit their beliefs either but Yowies are flesh and blood and continue to be seen as they have throughout history.

For all media inquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Australian Bigfoot Sightings

Find out what is a Yowie HERE and see where Yowies have been encountered in Australia HERE

Yowie Encounters - Share your encounter story

If you have a Yowie encounter I would appreciate your help in understanding it and you can leave some details below for me to contact you. I've helped develop a website and blog to help record sightings and encounters and there will be a link to these sites and podcasts here shortly but in the meantime, I look forward to hearing of your Yowie encounters throughout Australia. 

Please leave your encounter details below and I'll be in touch to discuss your sighting. I absolutely respect your privacy and will never publish anyone's identification that wishes to remain anonymous. The most important consideration is to at least have your Yowie encounter documented to help with the database of sightings, where they are occurring and when. It also helps other people that have had encounters come to terms with what they have experienced and, in some circumstances, has deeply affected them.

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Yowie Report Locations

If you are interested in finding out where Yowies have been seen or encountered the Yowie Sighting Map page is a good place to start with your own Australian Yowie research. It is continually updated with reports both historical and more recent. Visit the page HERE

Yowie History 

This is a very brief introduction on the history of the Yowie. There will be more detailed information quoting historical records on the new website shortly.

Yowies are out in our Australian bush and have been well documented throughout Australian colonial history from as early as 1789 and found in Aboriginal history.

The Yowie is common in Aboriginal culture and has gone by many different names depending on the region. In Queensland the Yowie is known to some Aboriginal tribes as quinkin and joogabinna. while in New South Wales it is known as thoolagal, jurrawarra, myngawin, puttikan, doolaga,gularga, and Ghindaring. Some other names include yaroma, noocoonah, wawee, pangkarlangu, tjangara and jimbra.


What is a Yowie?

The Yowie is thought to be similar to the American Bigfoot or Sasquatch. In Australia, the creatures appear to be of two types, a smaller variety of about 4-5 feet and a larger variety that can grow to 7-10 feet tall. There is much debate as to whether the Yowie and Sasquatch are hominid or another unclassified species. In all cases, the creatures are extremely hairy ranging from black to red-brown and some grey. The smaller variety appears to have heavy hair cover and indistinct impression of the body while the larger variety is extremely muscular with the body and musculature evident through the hairy coat.

The larger variety observed have either a very ape like face or a face with slight human characteristics. Some researchers believe the human-like face on some are the result of breeding with humans. There are many reports from Aboriginal communities of these creatures taking women and children.

From my own investigation of accounts, it appears that the variety of Yowie and Sasquatch with the more animalistic face is the most aggressive. Real-life encounters would lead me to believe that the creatures are opportunistic hunters and can quickly ascertain the vulnerability of their interest including humans. The best advice if a yowie is encountered is to move away from the area while maintaining the creature in sight. Running away from them appears to trigger a chase reaction from the Yowie in many circumstances, but not all.

Yowies have also been observed in family groups on rare occasions and in groups of 2-3 individuals at other times but in most circumstances, only a single individual is seen. In all cases the best response is to move away from the area slowly and if in a vehicle ensure all doors are locked. They are opportunistic hunters and appear to have an ability similar to the crocodile of noticing the behaviour of prey and humans which is also a reason why they are so elusive. 

Yowie vocalizations

The Yowies and Sasquatch have had a variety of recordings made of the vocalizations. Their vocalizations range from very loud whoops to lion-like growls and monkey-like chatter to an almost human-like jibberish.

Some Yowie encounters have mentioned an extremely putrid odour similar to a wet dog and rotting meat but this is not always present. The movement of the Yowie is mostly bipedal according to accounts and research but they have often been observed on all four limbs crawling like a cat. Its my belief that some of the so-called puma sightings in Queensland have actually been these creatures. 

The creatures are endowed with incredible strength and can move at a speed that defies its size as many accounts testify. Another reason to stay clear of these creatures if encountered and an absolute rule if alone. There have been reports in America of lone hikers being killed even when they have been heavily armed. I believe there could be some missing person cases in Australia attributed to these creatures, particularly in areas that have documented encounters with the Yowies. To discover more Yowie Facts please visit the official website www.yowiesightings.com.

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